Friday, January 25, 2008



Cold and dry weather means conditions are GREAT for LI-DOG's Clean Park Campaign and Poop-a-thon this weekend at Coindre Hall in Huntington! The two-day cleanup, which is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. on Sat., January 26th and at 10 a.m. again on Sun., Jan. 27th, will feature:

- Coffee for everyone at the top of the hill donated by fellow dog owners

- Prizes—dog treats, toys, and more—generously donated by Bed & Breakfast Dog Boarding in Huntington, for the dogs whose owners clean up the most orphan poop and debris! LI-DOG's signature event, the Poop-a-thon, will start promptly at 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

- Plus, the chance to meet lots of fellow dog owners and talk about how great Coindre Hall is and how important it is to clean up after our dogs.

We still need a few more people to help:

- Hand out flyers

- Staff the table with the coffee

- Plus, does anyone have access to a good supply of plastic bags? That would be helpful for those of us who don't have pooper-scoopers.

Spread the word! And, if you need more information, email us .

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Train the Owners

In Britain, they're talking about requiring dog owners to undergo training.
That's not a bad idea, actually, though we'd probably never accept it the US.

Time for Compulsory Training for All Dog Owners?
By Hamish Lazari
The recent spate of dog attacks in the United Kingdom has reignited the debate about adding additional breeds to the Dangerous Dogs Act. The Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman, Chris Huhne is quoted as saying that ‘a review should look at the breed to be banned.’

What Mr Huhne like a lot of other people fails to appreciate is that adding more breeds of dog to be outlawed under the DDA will do nothing to prevent dog attacks occurring in the future.

What breeds would any review panel consider to be eligible for banning, what breed of dog living in the UK has never ever had one of its own kind bite a person either accidentally or purposely?

Would the panel see size as an issue and only consider large dogs, what about small dogs, the ‘nippers’ and ankle biters that more than contribute to the total number of dog bites per annun in the UK.

The most popular and likely candidates may well be breeds that are associated with certain sections of society. Is it the fault of a specific dog if it is bought by an irresponsible person who merely wants the dog for ’street cred.’

Surely the best way to protect public safety and to be rid of unfair breed specific legislation is to look at compulsory training and insurance as a way of protecting public safety.

The National Dog Warden Association at its recent annual seminar in Birmingham presented a number of ‘thoughts’ on the use of owner training and some form of compulsory insurance, where you cannot have one without the other.

Make Your Own

There's a very useful piece of information here on how to make your own dog bed so that you're not paying a ridiculous amount of money.

Like this $89 item from Petco:


Suspect Jumps Off SoCal Bridge With Dog
1 day ago

CORONADO, Calif. (AP) — A man being chased by authorities grabbed a police dog and leaped off the San Diego-Coronado Bridge, taking the animal with him into the frigid ocean water 200 feet below.

The fall killed the dog. The fugitive survived and was hospitalized Tuesday.

The pursuit began Monday evening after an Oceanside police officer saw the man driving a GMC pickup erratically on a road. The officer, accompanied by a German shepherd named Stryker, ordered the driver to stop but he refused, California Highway Patrol Officer Larry Landeros said.

The man, whose name was not immediately released, led police on a chase through a section of Interstate 5 and onto the bridge, where he stopped and the officer released Stryker.

"The dog actually took the driver to the ground and then he actually lifted the dog up and jumped over the side," CHP Sgt. Steven Toth said.

The man was rescued from the water and taken to a hospital, Toth said. His condition was not released. An after-hours call to a hospital representative was not immediately returned.

The dog was recovered from the water, Toth said.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

LI Dog Meeting

LI-DOG Kick off to 2008 Meeting Set for Thurs., Jan. 10 th!

If you want to help make 2008 a great year for dog parks and dog-related events on LI, come to the LI-DOG January meeting!

The Long Island Dog Owners Group will hold its January 2008 meeting at 7 p.m. on Thurs., January 10th at the Golden Coach Diner, 350 W. Jericho Tpke. in Huntington.

At LI-DOG's Kick Off to 2008 meeting, we will:

- Plan new dog parks under Suffolk County's 5 New Dog Parks initiative

- Discuss ways to protect existing off-leash areas at Coindre Hall, Gardiner Park and various beaches

- Create a plan to change the anti-dog owner attitude in Nassau County through new off-leash areas there

- Put together a team to develop dog-related events

- Plus, we will discuss the latest news from Blydenburgh, Coindre Hall, Gardiner, Southaven and West Hills County Parks.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Yikes. Death at the Dog Run

Dog collision kills pet at Sequim off-leash park
SEQUIM, Wash. -- A greyhound was fatally injured in a collision with another dog at the off-leash park in Sequim.

Merri and Russ Wilson of Port Angeles say their three-year-old greyhound "Moon" was running really fast earlier this week when it ran into a golden retriever that was chasing a tennis ball.

Moon was thrown into the air and apparently suffered a spinal injury. It couldn't move and it later died at a vet's clinic.

The Wilsons had adopted Moon about two years ago from Greyhound Pets of America.

Tips From the Whisperer

Some tips for your dog and you:

Prevent obsessive behavior by establishing rules, limits and boundaries early and consistently.
Setting rules will help, not hurt your dog. He or she will see you as a strong pack leader.
Who you are to your dog is the energy you project. A pack leader’s energy is calm & assertive.
Give dogs affection when they’re doing what you want.
Everyone in the family must be on the same team when trying to get rid of unwanted behaviors in your dog.
Controlling dogs of any size requires mental strength. Leadership is always your most powerful tool!
Being self-aware and conscious of the energy we are projecting can help us become better pack leaders.
Choose a breed that fits your lifestyle. Couch potato or always on-the-go, the right dog is out there!